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You’re already one step ahead if you’re reading this.Chengdu Living forums were a massive leg up for me before arriving, eventually steering me toward the visa agent who handled my change of visa upon arrival.

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There are four nights in Lhasa so you can explore this mysterious city, from the beautiful former home of the Dalai Lama to the incredible atmosphere of the pilgrim-filled Jokhang Temple, the holiest in the Tibetan Buddhist world.Plates and plates of yumminess just waiting to be brought to your table.Yes, a lot of it is spicy, but trust me - you'll quickly adapt. Because Chinese food in China is NOTHING like Chinese food in America... The one showing lots of shoulder (in her Chengdu, China Marine Ball ball gown! The one wearing a tux (James) is the employee who moves her (and their two sons) around all over the world.

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The red link, below, is how you can get in touch with me...

That Zachary was going to have to be withdrawn from school and that other schools were going to have to be looked at, etc.