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29-Dec-2016 02:42

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Outside of IMPACT, you can find her on Pinterest, enjoying a nice glass of wine, spending time with family, doing a great T-Rex impression. When the time is right, they’ll turn back to you because you’re the one who was always there to help them and support them. Business owners are much the same as a single parent. They are looking for a long-term relationship with a product or solution that will support and nurture their business in the same way that they would.

Many singles don’t see themselves as salespeople, so they fail to make “the sale.” As a single, you can be happier and more fulfilled once you learn and practice these sales techniques for singles. A good salesperson begins by learning the prospect’s needs.

I once had a woman (who eventually became a good friend) tell me “you have no idea how long I waited for you to make the first move”. Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re not selling crappy used cars – so stop treating your customers like someone from one of those terrible commercials. But stay in touch, because the last thing that you want is to become a distant memory.

Yet even though we all agree that sales relies heavily on building relationships, many salespeople start looking for a long-term commitment with someone they’ve only just met. From flirting to judging interest and finally closing the deal, here are 5 things you can learn from thinking of sales like your next relationship. Often times you will find that your prospective customers have simply been waiting for the right solution to come along. Much like any other relationship, it’s going to take time for things to reach the point of a close. Show them why choosing you over someone else is the better decision. No matter how hard you try or how perfect a customer may seem, today may not be the day that they decide to enter a relationship with you. Know when it’s time to walk away and become a friend or confidant.

Don’t skip this step and start selling right away, as you may never find out what the other person needs.

I remember the man I met at a mixer who, after two minutes of conversation, asked me if I wanted to leave and “go make out” with him.

The more relevant information you can provide your prospects with, the more chance you’ll be able to close a sale.

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