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30-Sep-2016 06:04

Advances in technology have made it increasingly more difficult to determine who really is behind the computer screen.

It could be the love of your life, or it could be an individual involved in an organized criminal ring, perhaps in a Nigerian or Russian boiler room.

For those hoping Riverdale would continue to lean more into its campier sensibilities, “Chapter Five” is the episode that scratches that itch.

That even extends to the dramatic “football or music” montage in Archie’s more grounded plot.

Büntgen U, Eggertsson Ó, Wacker L, Sigl M, Charpentier Ljungqvist F, Di Cosmo N, Plunkett G, Krusic PJ, Esper J, Lane C, Reinig F, Oppenheimer C (in review) Cosmogenic dating and environmental impact of Iceland’s major pre-settlement eruption.

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8: 14008 218(154) Wilson R, Wilson D, Rydval M, Crone A, Büntgen U, Clark S, Ehmer J, Forbes E, Fuentes M, Gunnarson BE, Linderholm HW, Nicolussi K, Wood C, Mills C (2017) Facilitating tree-ring dating of historic conifer timbers using Blue Intensity.Richard F, Vogt-Schilb H, Schatz B, Malaval J-C, Rapior S, Fons F, Bourgade V, Moreau P-A, Büntgen U (in review) Causes and consequences of changing Mediterranean fungal ecology over the last 170 years.Anchukaitis KJ, Wilson R, Briffa KR, Büntgen U, Cook ER, D’Arrigo R, Davi N, Esper J, Frank D, Gunnarson B, Hegerl G, Helama S, Klesse S, Krusic PJ, Linderholm HW, Myglan V, Osborn TJ, Zhang P, Rydval M, Schneider L, Schurer A, Wiles G, Zorita E (in revision) Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part II, spatially resolved reconstructions.Büntgen U, Verstege A, Sangüesa Barreda G, Wagner S, Camarero JJ, Krusic P, Zorita E, Ljungqvist FC, Konter O, Oppenheimer C, Tegel W, Gärtner H, Cherubini P, Reinig F, Esper J (in revision) Western Mediterranean climate variability since medieval times.

Nielsen SS, von Arx G, Damgaard CF, Abermann J, Buchwal A, Büntgen U, Treier UA, Barfod AS, Normand S (in revision) Xylem anatomical features provide mechanistic explanation for spatio-temporal variability in growth rates of Andrew C, Heegaard E, Kirk P, Bässler C, Heilmann-Clausen J, Krisai-Greilhuber I, Kuyper T, Senn B, Büntgen U, Diez J, Egli S, Gange A, Halvorsen R, Høiland K, Nordén J, Rustøen F, Boddy L, Kauserud H (in press) Big fungal data: pan-European dataset assembly for global change questions in ecology.In today’s fast paced world of instant communication and social media, many adults have turned to online dating sites to find love, especially around Valentine’s Day.