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"It's a lot, to work with somebody and spend time with them, too."The couple carefully kept their relationship under wraps at first, which Graham says is due in part to their low-key lifestyles, and also for the sake of their fraternal relationship on the show.

"Nobody knew about it for awhile, because we like to be at home, cooking and not going out," the actress says.

It's a lot, to work with somebody and spend time with them, too." Graham admits there has always been chemistry with Krause, since they bonded over board games when she first moved to Los Angeles - but their shy natures meant neither of them had the courage to act on their feelings.

She says, "I think we liked each other (but) he asked me over to his house to play a board game - and that's exactly what we ended up doing.

We’ll always be rooting for Lorelai Gilmore to find love (*cough* with Luke *cough*) — so, of course we’re ecstatic that the woman behind the legendary character is so happy in her current relationship.

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"I would like to be part of a family, however that looks," she says.Die-hard Gilmore fans will likely peruse the memoir at their leisure, but for those who are impatient, here are a few key takeaways. The resulting season has its defenders, but it’s generally derided for missing the tone of the rest of the series, and also for that whole episode where Lorelai and Christopher go off to Paris for no good reason. Fans may have pestered Graham and her other cast members about the possibility of a Gilmore reunion ever since the show went off the air in 2007, but it seems that things didn’t start to take shape until late 2014, when Sherman-Palladino got lunch with Graham and started discussing what became the beginnings of the revival.Graham didn’t see Gilmore Girls’s famous final four words coming, and she doesn’t think they feel so final. It was pretty messy, and luckily for Lauren Graham, she managed to forget all of it: For example, apparently during this season Christopher and Lorelai get married in Paris. Then, Sherman-Palladino mentioned her idea of doing “four mini-movies that would run 90 minutes each,” and also asked about whether Graham was familiar with Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Wild, which both figure in the plot of A Year in the Life.Her parents split up, amicably, when she was quite young, so her father took Graham and moved to a houseboat in the Virgin Islands. In her memoir, , she includes a phone call she had with her dad while writing the book to ask him why they lived on a houseboat.

He told her he had a girlfriend at the time who knew people at the marina there, and delivered the previously-unknown bit of information that the boat's engine didn't work.

We learn about how the show came together, both in its first run on the WB and in its later revival at Netflix. Graham forgot what happened with Lorelai and Christopher in the seventh season of Gilmore Girls.

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