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06-Jul-2016 07:15

But can you actually find love when you've narrowed your options in the name of, say, a common love of Ursula the Sea Witch?

Since mid-December, I've been lurking in the background of two different incredibly niche online dating services in an attempt to find out. My initial reaction to news of Mouse Mingle betrayed my distaste for both adult cartoon fans and what I see as one of the worst parts of online dating today: excessive specificity."Like, I get wanting to connect with like-minded people, but if you're basing an adult relationship on your mutual love of 'The Little Mermaid,' I can't imagine things are going to work out for you," I quipped in Slack.

You name it and chances are there are multiple niche dating sites in that category.

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The site (a temporary white-label app is also available) is devoid of Disney branding and claims no connection to the charming rodent and his empire.

She worked 24/7 and didn’t have time to go out and meet new people.

Cohabitation and marriage both come with substantial relationship constraints, and are more common as people leave college and move further into adulthood. Cycling Is Remarkably Common Evidence drawn from a sample of 323 cohabitating, and 752 married, heterosexual, middle-aged couples revealed that an on-again/off-again history is fairly frequent among adults: 37 percent of cohabiters and 23 percent of married couples reported at one time breaking up and then getting back together with their current partner (Vennum et al., 2014).… continue reading »

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You can see on the website both the other person, as well as yourself. I recorded that visit and have shared that video below. I have not edited the video in anyway (except to significantly blur one of the “random strangers” performing a sexual act for whomever the website randomly connected him with).… continue reading »

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